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RF scanner voor camera detectie, GPS detectie en lens

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RF scanner met een breed spectrum van frequentie 1MHzto 12 GHz Een zeer uitgebreide scanner waarmee verborgen camera's op basis van wifi als ook GPS trackers kunnen worden gedetecteerd. De Scanner werkt op alle wifi frequentie van 1,2, 2.4 en 5 GHz. De GPS tracker scanning kijkt niet alleen naar de uitgezonden signalen van de tracker maar detecteert ook de magnetische velden waarmee de tracker bevestigd is.aan de Auto. Hiermee kan de GPS tracker ook gevonden worden als deze in slaap mode is. Er wordt een losse lens detector bijgeleverd waarmee de camera lens van verborgen camera's kunnen worden gezien door een oplichting van een Rode lichtbundel die in verschillende frequenties de ruimte kan afzoeken.

RF scanner met camera lens detector

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The main function of the M8000

1 Automatic search: Whether you want to check the room or car safe or not, you can put it in a room or a car, then open the automatic search, it is automatically searched, once received one The signal time, the bars lights will turn on one, if received 6 times, the light bars will turn on 6 lights, then the alarm will sound to remind you that there is a suspicious signal

2. Wide frequency signal detector (1MHz-12GHz): Once there is a suspicious signal, you can use it to detect it
3. GPS locator: once there is a suspicious signal in your car, you can use the detector to find it with magnetic light

Main feature

¡ï Professional radio wave detection device, high sensitivity, large frequency detection accurately
¡ï With reflector magnetic sensor antenna, easy to use, easy to search in cars, office, room anywhere, even people are difficult to touch or see. The detector is reliable and accurate through sound and light alarm.
¡ï Detection of all errors and locators with mobile, unicom, Telecommunications card (2G, 3G, 4G)
¡ï GPS locator package with fast charge detection
¡ï 1.2G / 2.4G wireless detection camera
¡ï 5.8 GHZwireless camera hidden detection and wireless eavesdropping
¡ï GPS detection and tracking locator in sleep state
¡ï Wireless detection automatic search logic analysis memory function


¡ï Frequency range: 1MHz-12GHz
¡ï Dynamic Detection Range:> 73Db
¡ï Detection sensitivity: ¡Ü 0.03 mw (main frequency)
Detection range:
2.4GHz wireless camera: 25 square meters (10mW standard camera)
1.2GHz wireless camera: 36 square meters (10mW standard camera)
2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone signal: 5-25 square meter
¡ï Magnetic detection sensitivity: 50mm - 150mm
¡ï Indication method: 10-level LED indicator light / variation sound indication
¡ï Power: 3.7v1500mah bulit-in lithium polymer battery.
Operating current: 25-35m at last time: 20-45H
¡ï Material: Aluminum Alloy NW: 175g
Volume: 125x52.5x21.5mm


1. If the car or office is installed, wireless bug locator or location
2. If your mobile phone was spiky or abnormal (send signal for no reason when in standby mode)
3. If there is radiation from the ceiling base station in your working environment and residential buildings
4. If the drone cameras are focused on you from the window
5. Wireless network signal detection, mobile phone base station signal, wireless surveillance system
6. If there is dangerous electromagnetic radiation it is due to the microwave oven disclosure
7. If there is suspicious wireless signal
8. Detection of restrooms, hotels, entertainment venues, changing rooms and buildings
9. Business negotiation, school watchmen, factories, military installations
10. Radio wave between mahjong table and coincident action
11. Mortgage car, second car, pawnbroker, bonding company, small credit business, Information Finance Corporation

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